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How We help - Misconduct

What Representation can I receive?

If you are subject to a criminal allegation then as long as you fulfil the funding requirements you can access the services of our retained solicitors Slater & Gordon Solicitors. We also utilise Haworth and Gallagher and Hogan Brown solicitors. The rules regarding funding rules are complex and complicated but as a rule of thumb it has to be within the duties of a police officer carrying out your role.

  •  Officer 'A' whilst engaged in the arrest of an offender causes injury and the offender alleges the police officer has used excess force in causing the injury.
  •  Officer 'B' is alleged to have carried out questionable checks on computer systems which may not be for a policing purpose and the officer is saying they are legitimate checks.
  •  Officer 'C' involved driving allegations whilst engaged in a pursuit or response run
  •  Officer 'D' involved in a death after police contact or serious injury
These are very simple examples.

Examples which wouldn't necessarily be covered by the rules.

  •  Allegations of drink drive.
  •  Domestic disputes.
  •  Allegations of conduct off duty.
Funding applications for representation for these have to be made through Legal Insurance management Scheme (LIM) but this is only accessible of you are a member of Merseyside Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme.

You may be entitled to be represented at a Hearing by a barrister depending on the facts of the case. Your Federation Friend will be able to advise you regarding this should you find yourself unfortunate enough to be going to a hearing.

Those who have legal expenses cover on household insurance policies please read carefully. Where they may cover for a criminal allegation the small print normally excludes internal discipline.

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